Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer is Here... And Flying By.

I feel like this summer has already come and gone even though it is only mid-July. Things have gotten so busy with work, traveling to Portland to see Mandy, birthdays and all the things summer has brought me.

Last time I wrote was right before my birthday! I feel that being 26 is the same as being 25 but you never know what this year will throw at me. I had a wonderful time celebrating with all my friends from all the different facets of my life, thanks to all of you for making me feel happy and blessed on my birthday. Check out a few shots below with my roommate, friends from Zog and NYCSSC.

After my biology final was over, I was thrilled to be spending the weekend in Portland, Oregon with my best friend Mandy. We spent the first day checking out McMenamins Edgefield (a cute historical landmark and surrounding bars, winery, etc.), Multnomah Falls and ending the afternoon at Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River. It was such a blast to relax, see the gorgeous waterfall, and take a tour of the brewery. Saturday we went local and shopped, ate, got our nails done and met up with her dad and step mom for dinner before heading to downtown Portland for a night out. Downtown Portland was tiny but quite happening. I had a fun making new friends and celebrating the brony's. Such a fun weekend even with the horrible plane delay home. Happy belated birthday to me!

With Mandy on the way to Portland (L); beautiful Hood River (R)
Since coming back from Oregon things have been super busy between work and catching up on my social life. My favorite thing coming up for the end of June was the Zac Brown Band concert. It was at Forest Hills Stadium which is an old tennis stadium that has been recently transformed to hold outdoor events. Kevin, Rebekah, Val and Val's brother joined in on what was the best concert I have been to ever. ZBB had no openers and completely made the show by themselves. Who wouldn't like cold beer, country music and a sunny afternoon to take in the first day of summer?
Kevin, Val's brother Matt, Val, Rebekah and I during the concert.

Fourth of July weekend was spent celebrating America at Elina's apartment complex playing games, drinking beer and enjoying what turned out to be a rain free night. It was such a blast to catch up with everyone and see part of the fireworks.

All of us celebrating at Elina's
The rest of the weekend was celebrating Beth's birthday at the Brooklyn Cyclones game and adventuring to the end of Long Island for the first time... yes the very end of Long Island. Janssen, Kara and Tiffany joined in on the trip with me and we had a blast, including a side trip to Target on the way home of course. Check out photos below!

Celebrating Beth's birthday at the Brooklyn Cyclones game
Me at Montauk Point Lighthouse, the end of Long Island's south fork
It's already half way through July and I can't tell you whats coming up next besides work so keep an eye out for an update!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Where did May go? Why hello June!

I can't believe it is already June! Clearly time has slipping away, proof in fact that I started this post 4 days ago and now just finishing it.. But anyways on to better topics, SUMMER!

May seem to fly by between school, work, friends and adventures around New York. My friend Nicki and I told me about the Holi Hai festival held every year in New York a bit after the actual festival in India. It was such a nice day that we were able to take advantage to the full extent of celebrating by listening to music and watching the awesome cultural dance troop.

Happy Holi Hai
I was fortunate enough to celebrate Rebekah's birthday on Cinco de Mayo at Salvation Taco's roof top along with friends. That same week I was thrilled to meet up with Cip, a good friend from college who was in town with his boyfriend visiting for the weekend. It had been 5+ years but catching up felt like time had stood still. So good to see you Cip!

Catching up with Cip
Mid-May flew by and I was thrilled to make it to the beach Memorial Day weekend, it was a much needed day at Brighton Beach. I was looking forward to the last weekend of May the most as it included a day spent driving around in Central New Jersey (mall stop included) and a mini-brunch reunion of sorts with all my friends I met in trivia. We all hadn't been in the same room since Super Bowl, some of us even longer. It was a fun filled sunny day catching up, laughing and just relaxing. Thanks to everyone who made it, we need to do it again soon! 

Just two of the friends at brunch
And now it's June...

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Top of the cruise ship overlooking Long Beach
I was fortunate enough to be able to go home for a week to visit family for Easter as well as squeeze in a short 3 night cruise to Ensenada. I was excited to a) go on another cruise, with family no less! and b) to visit Mexico for the first time. After less than 48 hours of landing, we were on our way to Long Beach to depart. I was eager to relax, enjoy the sunny weather and have a blast on the Carnival Imagination.

Although the weather was gorgeous on Friday, our day at sea, it wasn't warm enough to spend the day on the deck reading and sunbathing like I originally hoped. So instead, it was spent playing tons of trivia and games offered by the cruise. We even managed to win a ship-on-a-stick!

Our day in Ensenda was spent taking a bus tour of the city and a stop at one of the three only natural blow holes in the world. It was awesome to see despite it being the middle of spring break as well. After checking out the blow hole we wandered our way back through the shops and free samples to the bus ride back. Props to Juan our tour bus guide! He was very funny, interactive and informative.

Things have been a whirlwind since I have returned, and I can't believe it is already May! Here's to warmer weather, summer days and lots of things to do in NYC.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy April and happy Spring! I can't believe another spring is already upon me in New York. The first week of April seems to have been the most exhausting week I've had this year. Between a new boss starting, school and studying, the week didn't seem to end. Now that the weekend is here, I'm relaxing and ready to embrace all that spring and the rest of the year will bring me.

Last weekend my friend Nicki and I participated in a scavenger hunt (including food stops) in Greenwich Village. My mom had bought it as a Christmas present for me and I was able to finally sign up for one. It was a blast learning facts about the area and munching our way around despite it raining most of the time. We even managed to win thanks to some extra points for grabbing food along the way with a peanut butter & neutella sandwich at Peanut Butter & Co., a cake pop at Molly's Cupcakes, a green tea macaroon at Bisous Ciao, cheese samples at Murray's, delicious rice balls at Faicco's, and teas at David's tea. Not only did we received $20 for another hunt for winning, everyone got a free hunt for you and a friend for trekking it out in the rain. Let's see which one I should do next!

I'm so excited for next week as  I will be on my way back to California!! I decided with everything going on, I needed a little vacation and going to see family would be great. We also are now going on a three night cruise with all my family on my dad's side to Ensenada and back. Some relaxation and fun in the sun is just what I need these days. Also, which I am now even more excited about, I will be able to now meet my best friend's daughter, Liliana who was born yesterday! Stay tuned for more :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring

I don't know about many of you, but I am so glad Spring is finally here although the weather in New York may not make it believable just yet. While March started off on a bit of a slow note, it definitely has gone by rather fast the past week.

Smiles for a successful day

I went snowboarding again, this time time with two newbies: my friend Elina and her friend Jay who I had met once before. I was on the fence about taking the lessons that was offered through our Living Social deal and didn't make the last minute decision to take the lessons until we got to the mountain. Looking back, I am so glad I took the lessons as the mountain was 3x's as empty as when I had gone two weeks prior. With that being said, the lessons were much more hands on/small groups and I definitely relearned a few of the basics skills I had been lacking on. After a wonderful day at the mountain, I was excited to meet up with Brittany, my sorority sister in town for the weekend.

Ride home.. we don't look too beat up

St. Patrick's Day weekend turn out to be a blast this year. Started the day with brunch with Zog kickball friends at Agave and then proceeded to make our way back uptown to meet up with other kickball friends and friends of friends. 5 bars and countless laughs, smiles and pictures later I was beat but happy. Here's to next year and possibly making it out to watch the parade since I was too cold this year.
Brunch crew

March ends with brunches, school, dinners to catch up with friends, movie night, a new boss starting and a paint night! I'm also looking forward to April as I get to make it home for Easter, see family, enjoy the warmth and hopefully meet baby Liliana!

St Patrick's Day celebrations at Perfect Pint
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Little Late, 2013 Running Recap

I realized the other day that I never did a running recap for the New Years Resolution I completed for 2013. I completed 12 races and 1 volunteering race to make 13 for 2013. What can I say, it was a great challenge that I feel proud to have accomplished it. After the year was completed, I can only say I am feeling happier, healthier and definitely stronger than where I started in January 2013.

Last race of 2013
Best atmosphere: Dirty Girl Mud Run by far! Between running with 3 of my closest friends, raising money for breast cancer, getting down and dirty while working out and running in the rain, this was such a blast.

Best personal time: Roosevelt Island Spring Fling ended up being my PR for the year. I think besides the fact it was the flattest course I ran, weather and running solo did wonders for me. I wasn't side tracked mentally with thoughts of keeping up with people I knew running.

Most organized race: I am not so sure on this as each race had different aspects that were better than others. NYRR races are definitely organized when it comes to corrals, water stations, mile makers and directions throughout the course. But I would say that the race with the best race check in was the Rock 'n' Roll 10k.

Best post-race: Hmm... I would say the Color Run still beats every other race I've done. Having a blast dancing amongst everyone else covered in color, throwing color into the crowd and the giveaways volunteers threw into the crowd sealed the spot for best post-race.

Best goodie bag / post race offerings: This is a tie between the hot chocolate bowls/treats in Atlanta, the beer options at Dirty Girl Mud Run and the Rock 'n' Roll 10k in Prospect Park. Chocolate vs beer? Tough choice, but I think beer wins.

Favorite shirt / goodie bag: Favorite shirt is the NY Giants Run of Champions shirt.. although wasn't the best fit it was not just a plain cotton t-shirt.

Least favorite exciting race: Least exciting race was the Running Festival of Lights race in Bay Ridge. Had it not been 9 degrees and extremely windy, I would have been much more thrilled to running along the gorgeous water front. I think my mind and body was also not prepared for this race as much as it should have.

All 12 races I ran!
So by the numbers:
Number of races: 12 ran, 1 volunteered
Number of miles ran: 42.2 miles
Number of states ran in: 4! Georgia, New York, New Jersey, California
Places I ran: parks, a downtown of a city, an island, a football stadium, a baseball stadium, an air field, a racetrack, along a waterfront, a college, a dirt horse trail and local neighborhoods.
Number of boroughs completed a race in: 2 (sadly didn't even run a race in my current borough!)
Number of 5k's: 9
Number of other races: 3! two 4-milers and one 10k
Number of free beers: 2
Number of races ran alone: 1
Number of races ran with my sister: 2!
Number of races involving mud, color powder, obstacles, etc.: 3
Number of metals received: 2 

So now what? Maybe a half marathon? Who knows but keep an eye out or come join me for a run! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Monday

Dear (sunny) Monday, I'm so happy you're sunny but I wish the weekend could have lasted just a little bit longer.

Dear Hunter Mountain, you were a BLAST to snowboard on this past weekend. It was a great first time going snowboarding on the East Coast and I look forward to see you again in two weeks with Elina.

Dear restaurant week, had no plans for you before it started and now I have 2 this week! Excited to check out Fig & Olive and Abboccato.

Dear family, I miss you bunches, looks like you guys had a blast whale watching this weekend. Hope to see you all soon!

Dear body, I'm sorry I beat you up snowboarding this weekend, but we've got all week to recover.

Dear school, I'm glad the 6 week winter session is over, that did me over physically - I'm beat!

Dear Valentine's Day, you weren't as lonely as I thought it would be. I got to celebrate with my awesome single friends.

Dear Portland, I can't wait to visit you again soon after all these years. Can't wait to see my best friend Mandy.

Dear San Francisco/Sacramento, I plan to visit again in May and I can't wait! Need to decide if I should visit Cinco de Mayo weekend again or Bay to Breakers.

Dear blog, now that school is over I promise to get back to writing.

Dear running, see above. I miss being more active.